Mon Engagement
(written in 2001)

My art,
It can be called "art"?
I have participated it for 10 years.
I have always spared no efforts
to find out some meanings of my action.
The meanings,
they're in the place we call a human society
which I mean the monster organization
to fall me to an abyss of solitude.
My heart is shuddering
like an autumn leaf.
The direct relationship with this society
drives me into confusion.
Ordinary people can breathe
without consciousness every day.
But I can't breathe without respirator.
My picture is a respirator.
People will never understand me
if they don't understand the difference
between natural respiration and artificial respiration.
The interception of human relationship.
This idea always makes me fearful.
I don't understand
why I am I and why I am not you.
The reason why I continue painting pictures is
only one thing.
I want to remove the fence
between you and me.

Réi Karieux